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  1. 请问您是CID在Vpilot里登录显示无效吗?
  2. 恭喜学员 Yanlong Lu 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Yanlong Lu 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务!
  3. Sino-Japanese civil air traffic Incepted in 29/9/1974. Virtual Air China, together with VATSIM PRC Division (VATPRC) and VATSIM Japan Division (VATJPN) will hold an online event on VATSIM network to commemorate the 45th anniversary of this Epoch-making historical event. We are waiting for you at the control tower! Event Date 29/09/2019 Saturday Event Time UTC 11:00~15:00(JST 20:00~24:00) Event Content RJBB-ZSSS/ZSSS-RJBB. A two-way designated route in a single event. Airway ZSSS-RJBB: LAMEN A593 FUE Y35 BERTH RJBB-ZSSS: HABAR Y60 ISAKY Z20 POTET A593 PUD NOTAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Aircraft in Japan: (1)When operating above 900m(3,000ft) above ground or water in VFR or above 300m(1,000ft) above ground or water in IFR, and aircraft cruising shall be conducted at an altitude or a flight level appropriate to the track specified in the following table, except otherwise specified by ATC. Track From 000°to 179° From 180°to 359° Flight rule IFR Flights VFR Flights IFR Flights VFR Flights Below 14,000ft MSL Any odd thousand-foot altitude Any odd thousand-foot altitude plus 500ft Any even thousand-foot altitude Any even thousand-foot altitude plus 500ft At or above FL140 but below FL290 Any odd thousand-foot flight level Any odd thousand-foot flight level plus 500ft Any even thousand-foot flight level Any even thousand-foot flight level plus 500ft "Only applied to RVSM approved Aircraft" At or above FL290 but at or below FL410 Any odd thousand-foot flight level ---- Any even thousand-foot flight level ---- Above FL410 Any flight level at 4,000ft intervals beginning at and including FL450 ---- Any flight level at 4,000ft intervals beginning at and including FL430 ---- (2)Any aircraft shall not be operated at an indicated airspeed of more than- At or below 900m(3,000 ft) above MSL within control zone; in the case of a reciprocating engine aircraft, 160 knots; or In the case of a turbine-powered aircraft, 200 knots Above 900m (3,000ft) above MSL within the control zone, or at or below 3,000m (10,000ft) above mean sea level within an approach control area, 250 knots However, if aircraft is instructed by ATC to be operated at a greater airspeed than the maximum airspeed prescribed above, the aircraft may be operated at that airspeed, or the minimum safe airspeed to ensure the safe operation is greater than the maximum airspeed prescribed above, the aircraft may be operated at that minimum safe airspeed. Above provisions may not be applied if permission is obtained from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. (3)Noise Abatement Procedure in RJBB: For landing to RWY 06R/06L a) Delayed Flap Approach Procedure, Extend final landing flaps after leaving 1,500feet. b) Make gear down after leaving 2,500 feet. For Aircraft in Mainland China: (1)Obey Chinese RVSM rules (2)Runway usage in ZSSS: RWY 18L/36R mainly used for arrival. If ACFT can not use the rapid exit TWY, the pilot shall inform the controller in advance. TWY H3 thru H5 can not be used for vacating RWY. RWY 18R/36L mainly used for departure. (3)Noise Abatement Procedure in ZSSS: For taking-off Upon condition of complying with the requirements of obstacle clearance and climb gradient required by flight procedure, the following noise abatement climb procedures shall be implemented: The derated take-off is strongly recommended if take-off performance of ACFT permits. At 450m (1500’) – reduce thrust to not less than climb power; – climb at V2+20km/h (10KT) with flaps/slats in take-off configuration; At 910m (3000’) – accelerate to en-route climb speed and retract flaps/slats on schedule while maintaining a positive rate of climb; If the procedures can not be implemented due to any reason other than ATC, the controller shall be informed by the pilot. Recommended Scenery P3D and FSX: BDOAVIATION - BDOAVIATION - KANSAI INTL AIRPORT Purchase and download via http://secure.simmarket.com/ X-Plane: RJBB - Kansai International Airport 1.0.0 Download via http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35606-rjbb-kansai-international-airport/ For ZSSS: P3D and FSX: WF SCENERY STUDIO - SHANGHAI HONGQIAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Purchase and download via http://secure.simmarket.com/ Virtual Air China website: www.virtualcca.org Virtual Air China E-mail: [email protected] Facebook page: Virtual Air China
  4. 恭喜学员 Renjie Cui 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Renjie Cui 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  5. 恭喜学员 ZheKun Dong 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 ZheKun Dong 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  6. 活动海报/简介,莫得时间做咯 活动时间 2019年06月22日 周六 晚8点至12点 1200z-1600z 活动机场 上海虹桥国际机场(ZSSS) 上海浦东国际机场(ZSPD) 航图 VATPRC 飞行员中心 VATPRC 有你更精彩 You make the difference!
  7. 恭喜,希望小红在未来管制生涯中进一步提升自己,NE!
  8. 恭喜学员 Carl Zeng 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Carl Zeng 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  9. 恭喜学员 Leo Weng 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Leo Weng 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  10. 恭喜学员 Junyang Zhou 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Junyang Zhou 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  11. 恭喜学员 Jiangtian Li 通过理论和实践考核,获得塔台管制员S2级别。希望 Jiangtian Li 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,给广大飞友带来更为优质的管制服务! Great job!!
  12. 讲真,对于模拟飞行来讲,以Navigraph的图为准才是最合适的。。。。
  13. 四、关于飞行计划栏 Flight type - 选择您的飞行类型 Departure airport - 离场机场 Destination airport - 目的机场 Alternate Airpot - 备降机场 Departure time - 离场时间 (UTC z time 例:1950z) Time Enroute - 航路时间(H小时mm 分钟) Fuel Available - 燃油可用时间 (H小时mm分钟) Cruise speed: - 巡航速度,知道就填,不知道默认即可,TAS 真空速 Cruise alt - 巡航高度,中国使用RVSM米制高度层,在中国大陆地区飞行请遵守相关飞行规定,谢谢合作(但是填写此项还是需要填写英尺高度,如7500米填写24600) Heavy Aircraft - 勾选即为重型机,不勾则不是。 Equipment Suffix - 设备代码,知道就填,不知道就不填,详情可查阅相关资料,再此不做详细解释。 Route - 例:CDY G212 ARGUK N222 BUMAT A828 GIRLO N222 VALDA H222 MCG J111 WINOR。航路的第一个离场点为航路的起始点,进场点为航路的终点,但是不可以离场直飞进场。同时如果知道自己使用什么程序的可以将使用程序加上,例:36R/CDY8A CDY G212 ARGUK N222 BUMAT A828 GIRLO N222 VALDA H222 MCG J111 WINOR,这样我们的雷达会优先匹配与该离场相符合的程序:) Remark:备注栏,如果需要可自行填写。注:VATSIM不牵扯任何政治内容,请勿在备注栏填写相关内容,如因以上原因造成的问题,后果自负。 Voice - 语音可用性Send+Receive 可以接受并发送语音 (可听可说) Receive only 只能接受语音 (只能听不能说) Text only 只可用文字(不能听不能说) File Flight Plan 發送飛行計劃 Fetch From Server 從服務器獲取飛行計劃 Load 加載 Save 保存 Clear 清空 Close 關閉對話框 Connect: 點擊此處來連接VATSIM網絡 Callsign:你所使用的呼號 Type Code:你所使用的飛機代碼 SELCAL Code:知道就填不知道就空著 Connect in shared cockpit mode(Observer mode) 使用駕駛艙共享的請選擇該項 注:該項及飛行員端的OBS:觀察者 Connect 連接 Cancel 取消 Mode C 应答机C 模式 IDENT 识别
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