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  1. Another question: Are you going to add enroute charts to the new page as well or where would one be able to find those? The enroute charts I use date back to the time when the official site was still open for all users - I would assume there have been changes since then. Thank you in advance.
  2. Miao Guanglu, Zhang Wenlue, 你们好! Thank you for your replies. Indeed I was referring to the new charts page which I learned about from the post about this weekend's Shanghai event (which, by the way, came with an amazing banner - made my day!). The search for airports works well, and I am already very thankful that you put the chart description next to its title - that already helps a lot. I also noticed the effective date shown on top of the search results. However, equally important would be to see when a file was updated. Looking forward to seeing the website evolving and hearing you on frequency!
  3. Dear friends, first of all, I am happy to see simulator charts available for download from the VATPRC homepage. In my opinion, this is a huge step forward for the Chinese community inside VATSIM as it will help many online pilots, from China and abroad, that otherwise do not have access to charts. In order to further improve the service, let me make the following suggestions, based on how charts are handled at VATSIM Germany (see http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDF - It would be awesome to have a package (zip file) of all charts for each airport (instead of having to click that many download links). - Each chart should be listed with the revision date / date of last modification (this would accelerate the process of checking for updates). Otherwise - well done, keep up the good work!
  4. 朋友们,祝你们新年愉快,身体健康! Looking forward to seeing you again in the virtual skies this year.
  5. 第一个 喜欢 because of the Cessna 414A Chancellor @ 1:55
  6. 1328585


    Well, last Saturday when departing from Qingdao during the event, the network connection was lost again a few minutes into the flight - right after contacting the departure controller. I tried several times to reconnect, but to no avail. Sorry again to the person who probably tried to get a readback from me.
  7. Dear friends of the ATC department, sorry for tonight. The pilot client I use kept on disconnecting from the network, leaving me no choice but giving up my flight. I noticed that some of you prepared to offer service up to my planned destination. Even though I could not get in contact with you today, I appreciate that very much. Hoping that this was just a temporary hiccup and looking forward to seeing you next time... Markus
  8. Thank you all for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the screenshots. The idea was to let the controllers who usually see us only as dots on a radar screen also enjoy the views of beautifully liveried aircraft, and to let other pilots who may not see the Cessna 414 properly displayed see what that plane I regularly take to the events looks like.
  9. Views from DIMSC, C414 Many thanks to everybody who helps making flying online so enjoyable.
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