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  1. 各位飞友, 经分部管理组研究决定,现宣布如下人事安排: Lingzhi Zhou (1268906) 担任 活动协调主管助理 (VATPRC9) Zhenhao Yang (1259390) 不再担任 活动协调主管助理 (VATPRC9) 感谢Zhenhao Yang在这段时间里对VATPRC做出的贡献!同时希望Lingzhi Zhou在新的职位上,能够更好的为广大飞友提供力所能及的帮助和服务! VATSIM中国分部 2018年04月17日
  2. 各位飞友, 经分部管理组研究决定,现宣布如下人事安排: Congcong Li (1295425) 担任 飞行员训练主管 (VATPRC4) Jiashuo Wang (1279052) 不再担任 活动协调主管助理 (VATPRC9) 担任 活动协调主管 (VATPRC6) 希望Congcong在新的职位上,能够更好的为广大飞友提供力所能及的帮助和服务! VATSIM中国分部 2017年10月23日 ---------------------------- Dear all, The VATSIM P.R.China Division is pleased to announce the appointment of Congcong Li (1295425) as VATPRC's new Pilot Training Director, and the appointment of Jiashuo Wang (1279052) as VATPRC's new Event Coordinator. Both Congcong and Jiashuo bring a lot of VATSIM experience and has been assisting ATC training and event coordination for long time. Well done! VATSIM P.R. China Division 2017/10/23
  3. 各位飞友, 为了鼓励各位管制员更加积极的上线为飞友提供服务,经分部管理组研究决定,现将分部管制员Absence规定做出如下调整: 调整前:超过180天未上线提供管制服务 调整后:超过30天未上线提供管制服务 及 连续6次未参加VATPRC组织的活动 如管制员因个人原因无法满足上述要求,可通过 http://application.vatprc.net/说明原因,管理组将会根据情况进行调整 此规定自2017年7月1日起开始执行 VATPRC有你,更精彩! You Make the Difference!
  4. We are pleased to announce further details of the 2017 VATSIM convention in London, UK. When will Connexion 2017 take place? The convention will begin on the morning of Saturday 29th July 2017 and conclude in the afternoon of Sunday 30th July 2017. Convention events will take place on both days. An (optional) organised dinner will be arranged for Saturday 29th July 2017 in the evening. There will be an informal gathering prior to the convention on evening of Friday 28th July 2017. Where will the convention take place? The convention will be held at the Holborn Bars events space in the heart of London. This is a grade II listed building from the Victorian era and will facilitate us to have a great weekend together. It houses small spaces for informal gatherings and relaxing, as well as the rooms we will use for presentations. On-site catering means everything is under one roof and available for us to use across the weekend. https://www.phcompany.com/de-vere/holborn-bars How much will the convention cost? The ticket price is 99GBP. This includes entrance to the two days of our event - full of interesting and informative talks and group sessions from leading experts in aviation and flight simulation, refreshments throughout both days and a selection from a hot and cold lunch offering. The optional conference dinner on Saturday evening will be communicated at a later date, the exact details of which depends on the numbers attending. You will be asked to express an interest when booking so we have an idea of numbers. When can I buy a ticket? Right now! Visit our website to book. Who should attend? VATSIM conventions are open to all members from across the globe - we specifically are designing a programme for grassroots and established members alike (both controllers and pilots) to have a fruitful and interesting experience. We feel that some of the most enjoyable moments at these conventions are when members from across the world get to meet in person and socialise. The venue is wheelchair accessible and fitted with hearing induction loops. We will be giving more details about the precise itinerary of the event in due course I have more questions, concerns or need specific information We have an FAQ section on the event website. If you can't find an answer to your query, post your question in the discussion thread or email us at [email protected]
  5. 因为Membership Department是负责管理整个VATSIM网络的会员,并不是VATPRC下属的一个部门,所以在联系他们的时候请使用英文而不是中文。您可以尝试用英文重新提交一个解封请求,并附上能够证明您真实姓名文件/证件(请注意上面必须有您真实姓名的汉语拼音,不能只有中文。在发送之前可以将不必要的信息马赛克以防止个人信息的泄露) - Han
  6. Hi, 根据查询,您的账户因为注册时没有使用真实姓名,被Membership Department根据VATSIM Code of Conduct Article A.4封禁 如果想要恢复您的账户,请前往http://membership.vatsim.net 提交Ticket申请解封,并提交您真实姓名的证明。同时请注意,根据VATSIMCode of Conduct Article A.6的规定,每个人仅允许拥有一个VATSIM ID。重复注册将会导致新注册的账户被系统自动永久封禁 如果有任何疑问,欢迎随时通过我们的Ticket系统/邮件/QQ群联系我们的管理团队。 - Han
  7. 各位飞友, 新年快乐。 经分部管理组研究讨论决定,现做出如下人事安排, Chang Ma 担任 管制员训练主管 (VATPRC3) Wenlue Zhang 担任 网站管理员 (VATPRC8) 希望两位在新的职位上,能够更好的为广大飞友提供力所能及的帮助和服务! VATPRC有你,更精彩! You Make the Difference!
  8. 恭喜学员 Jerry Chuang 通过理论和实践考核,获得航路管制员C1级别。 希望 Jerry Chuang 能在以后的上线管制中进一步提升自己,为各位飞友提供优质的管制服务。 Well done!
  9. 恭喜学员 Dunn Tan 通过理论和实践考核,获得TMA管制员S3级别!希望 Dunn Tan 能在今后的管制生涯中进一步提升自己的管制水平,更好地为各位飞友服务! Congrants!
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