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  1. Thanks. Before release, I will let check it by the chief editor of the German flightsimulation magazine FS-Magazin http://fs-magazin.de/. This print magazine introduce and rate a lot of sceneries and airports to the German market. If it´s not good enough, I will not sell it.
  2. Blender and Sketch Up. It was necessary to buy a licence for SU, so I want to sell at simmarket when ready and the quality is good enough. Quality means in my opinion: - FPS must be good when flying with a PMDG or equal airplane in FSX. I do not like airports when FPS drop down to 5 FPS during landing I compared with some other products, I saw they using textures 4096 x 4096 and the texture folder is up to 1.2 Gigabyte. No wonder the frames are bad. At the moment all textures are not more than 45 MB and I try to minimize the impact to the FPS. My favourite Scenery Developers are FlyTampa and Taxi2Gate. They are the best, I´m only a beginner . If Ningbo has some success, I will develope Chongqing ZUCK next. All Airports should be available for FSX, P3D first, than for X-Plane also. All Logos, Pictures and Photos I use, I made by myself. The prices should be reasonable. Saw an airport for Japan, 40 Euros. This is too expensive . It should be possible for everybody to buy, not only for rich people.
  3. Some pictures from developing Ningbo, so much work
  4. Thank you to all of you. Soso seems to be very good.
  5. 谢谢你 thank you very much. Because it´s my first airport I try to create, so a small airport would be easier.
  6. 请你们帮助我。我要创作宁波机场为FSX。在网上的照片很少。所以,主在宁波地区的朋友也许可以发给我有些机场照片。或者在这里上转。 我的邮件 [email protected] 我德国人,汉语很差。对不起。 谢谢你们
  7. 请你们访问我的网页,留言 http://www.flightdeckmagazin.com/ 谢谢你们 Flightdeckmagazin_07.pdf
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