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Found 23 results

  1. 本涂装作者来自新浪微博,ID未知的空域,VATPRC征求了作者的同意将涂装下载放到论坛上,供虚拟南航飞行员和飞友们使用,在这里向原作者表示感谢! 预览图: NGX_B5640_FOR_FSX.rar ------------------- 原帖由Keller Lee编辑
  2. 一年前注册了新ID, 无意间登录老邮箱时发现了这个老ID,很高兴这个ID还可以重新激活 2011年1月26日,我从假日加入VATSIM,随后因为忙着准备中考有两年没有碰过FS,好在现在上大学,有时间可以飞飞 2008年我初次接触FS, 那个时候刚刚12岁还是小学生,衷心感谢FS让我从此爱上了飞行。如今我已经快20了,每当回想起从小对飞行的热忱就感慨不已。 我还记得4年前邀请我加入VATSIM的飞友Qing Li, 他的呼号是CCA2010,在ZSSS做管制。也是他教我如何注册,激活ID和在这个平台连飞,当时我英文很差,他在QQ上一步步给我做讲解,初次在国际平台上连飞还有些不知所措,我想他一定帮助了不少像我一样的飞友,感谢他带我们来到VATSIM这个国际连飞平台。 因为喜欢FS的缘故,当时还在发奋学英语(笑),现在我在国外留学攻读Software Engineering专业,希望未来也能为喜欢模拟飞行的飞友服务。 放上几张目前在飞的图,看到有些飞友设置调最高效果的美图,表示小本本不敢随便烧,配合一些插件开低效也获得了自己满意的效果 UAL 77W TNCMKSFO 圣诞假期快乐! ZCheng Zhu 12/22 8:39 EST
  3. 最近又出现了OOM的现象: PMDG777飞临大型机场插件时(今天是飞EKCH),飞到距离机场10nm左右就能听到有节奏的WINDOWS系统声音中的”感叹号“声音。 以前也有过,但是有时响一会就不响了,有时一直响,然后FSX就卡成幻灯片了,今天是直接报错退出:系统内存不足。 正常情况下在EKCH这样的大机场VC帧数在25左右,外部在40左右。 不知道如何处理了,求助一下高手。 i7 3930K+16GB RAM+GTX670 UIAutomationCore.dll装了。
  4. 大家盼望已久的PMDG 777-200LR/F 和 -300ER P3D版本发售了 PMDG 777-200LR 134.99美金 (折扣价格89.99美金至3月7日) PMDG 777-300ER 29.99美金 P3D的飞友们赶紧下手吧!给大家带来第一手测评吧!还没有P3D的飞友们是不是更加楚楚欲动,希望马上下手P3D了呢?
  5. 终于盼来了PMDG B77W(and SP1 for B77L)。两个比较直观的新功能是气象雷达和驻车影像,好高大上的样子。 1.气象雷达。 首先你要有正版的ASN(在线ID验证,估计无法Crack,支持正版)。但是我有了正版ASN也不行。后来在朋友@[email protected]的提醒下,把我的FSUIPC4.929版本降到4.928版本(当然要那啥的,你懂的)之后,雷达才工作。(ooops,相信这是ASN的问题~~)。 2.驻车影像 一开始还好好的,一切正常,除了巨卡之外。 可是用着用着,摄像头中的机轮不显示了。愁死我了。感觉像是摄像头往上移动过了的感觉。这个问题还没有找到解决方法。求助。! 希望各位飞友能多多帮忙
  6. 另一个美丽Goldstar Texture涂装: 国航凤凰 - B5214 下载:air_china_phoeny_by_gst.zip 原链:http://www.library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=178125
  7. Wellcome to ICE LAND Delta is your choice for flying
  8. 欢迎加入虚拟达美航空公司!Q群:156299530
  9. 本涂装适用于 PMDG B777-200F For FSX 机体配置文件基于D-ALFC设置 支持4096x4096高清贴图 http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJCvqZ5
  10. 在不用TRACK IR时,我就用苦力帽来调整视角,视角之间的转换也设在了杆上,并且为每个视角设置一个键盘按键(1-7),方便快捷切换。 CAPTAIN 起飞落地时使用 MCP CO-PILOT 在副驾驶的位置上起飞落地也很有趣哦~ LOWER DU 使用检查单时 CDU 两侧都可兼顾 RADIO & 3rd CDU ENGINE START MONITOR OVER HEAD PANEL WALK AROUND 最后在外部视角里留了一个,绕机检查时用
  11. The Pilots in the Basement MUCH has been made of the flight simulator found in the home of Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Why would a guy who spends so much time flying real airplanes want to pretend he’s flying a fake one in his off hours? No one knows Mr. Shah’s motivation, of course, but he represents just one of hundreds of thousands of virtual aviation enthusiasts. They grip yokes and advance throttles in their spare bedrooms and basements, virtually flying everything from Piper Cubs to the Concorde. They get clearances and vectoring from fellow hobbyists acting as air traffic controllers who reference real waypoints in real airspace, adhering to the same stringent rules and procedures that govern actual aviation. “The simulation software makes it photorealistic — the switches and gauges in the plane are the same, the airports are the same, the scenery is the same — it’s a completely immersive world,” said Justin Friedland, 66, a former producer for ABC News turned real estate agent in Pound Ridge, N.Y., who has logged 1,426 hours as a virtual pilot and 758 hours as a virtual controller. He is also the volunteer spokesman for Vatsim, a virtual flying network with 100,000 members in 143 countries. Think of it as a vast online video game like World of Warcraft for serious-minded aviation geeks. A rival network, IVAO, has 150,000 members in 56 countries. Most participants are men and range in age from teenagers to octogenarians. Their flights vary in length from long hauls, say, Los Angeles to Sydney (14 1/2 hours), to shorter hops, like Boston to Martha’s Vineyard (35 minutes). “There’s a fair amount of professional pilots and air traffic controllers who get involved because aviation is their passion and they want to encourage others,” said Mr. Friedland, who is not a pilot. An estimated 80 percent of virtual pilots, however, do not have pilots’ licenses because they lack the time or money for training or have an issue that would keep them from passing the medical exam. Sometimes their spouses forbid it. Or, perhaps, they are just afraid of heights. Then there are those like Mark Hubbert, 44, a firefighter in Courtland, Va., who has more than 5,000 hours of simulated flight time. “Frankly, I wouldn’t be satisfied flying a single-engine Cessna,” he said, referring to a typical trainer airplane. “I want to fly jets,” which he does for FedEx Virtual Cargo, one of hundreds of virtual airlines. If it’s an airline in the real world, there’s probably a virtual version. One of the largest, Delta Virtual Airlines, has 2,000 active pilots who must pass written and virtual flight tests in order to advance through the ranks as well as to fly progressively larger and more complex airplanes. They fly the same routes as the actual Delta Air Lines, sometimes on the same schedules. While a number of real Delta pilots and employees participate, Terry Eshenour, 70, a former Coca-Cola executive who serves as Delta Virtual Airlines’ president, emphasized that there was no formal affiliation with the real airline. Most virtual aviators use one of two simulator software programs, Microsoft’s FSX or Laminar Research’s X-Plane, which interface with communication and tracking software usually provided free by one of the virtual flying networks. Within the last decade, a thriving market for so-called add-on software compatible with FSX and X-Plane has emerged. One of the most successful manufacturers is PMDG, which produces stunningly realistic add-ons that put users in the cockpits of aircraft like Boeing’s 737 and 777. All the switches and knobs you see on the screen are what you would see in the actual planes, and the programs come with Boeing manuals to help you figure out what’s what. In a post on PMDG’s online forum, the company’s chief executive, Robert Randazzo, a former airline captain, confirmed that Captain Shah had purchased PMDG’s 777 add-on, the same type of aircraft he flew for Malaysia Airlines. He also noted, “Captain Shah was well known to many in the flight simulation community because he had developed an online presence in which he dedicated many hours of his time to promoting the enjoyment of flying generally, and flight simulation specifically.” Hardware can be equally sophisticated with full instrument panels, radios, throttle quadrants, yokes and rudder pedals. Companies like Redbird Flight Simulations and Virtual Fly sell all-in-one units with full motion that cost up to $60,000. Pete Wright, 44, a software developer in Deltona, Fla., who reviews add-ons for PC Pilot Magazine, flies a home-built rig that includes a yoke, rudder pedals, a full switch panel and levers for throttle, spoilers, flaps and reversers. He also has three HD video screens hooked up to an infrared sensor that tracks his head movements so when he looks back and forth the view out of his virtual aircraft changes accordingly. The setup, plus software, cost more than $10,000 — more than it would cost to get a real private pilot’s license. “But I can stay at home in my cockpit and fly any aircraft you care to name, anywhere in the world,” said Mr. Wright, who has more than 12,000 hours of virtual flight time and does demonstrations in his simulator for viewers of his YouTube channel, FroogleSim. Still, real pilots will tell you that nothing compares to actual flight. Simulators can be fantastic training devices. But they can’t replicate the feel of the controls in a real airplane or the dynamic conditions of flight. It’s a fact some virtual enthusiasts resist but most concede. Mr. Friedland of Vatsim said that despite his many simulated flights over all kinds of terrain and in all kinds of weather conditions, “I would no more try to do any of that in a real airplane than I would try to climb Everest without supplemental oxygen or Sherpas.” Kate Murphy is journalist in Houston who writes frequently for The New York Times, and a licensed pilot. 转自 NYTimes.com
  12. 众所周知,PMDG777在fmc里面可以采用第三方天气软件数据然后调用为性能计算用的风温数据,Brendan已经写过一个帖子讲解如何使用AS2012调用数据(连接),现在新版的OPUS Weahter已经可以直接在fmc里面按下wind data request即可直接使用啦,以下是教程(针对正版用户) 首先去opus官网http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm 下载最新稳定版本3.321 如果你之前已经装过OPUS,在http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi/downloads.htm 这里下载download upgrade 安装之后我们打开OPUS Weather(先打开FSX),然后待天气刷新完成后,点击Weather 然后在Weather options里面选择Flight Plan Options 在FSX Navdata folder选择PMDG文件夹下的NAVDATA文件夹,需要注意的是,如果你使用的AIRCN制作的NAIP导航上数据,部分X,H开头的航路中的航点将无法被识别,这个bug需要向OPUS官方反应,但是基本不会影响我们的飞行体验 然后在Flight Plan Details里面填入完整的飞行计划,包括起降机场,如 ZBAA RENOB G212 KR B458 WXI A461 LKO R343 LBN DCT BHY ZJHK 然后点击process the flight plan,出现绿色的航点表示改航点高空天气已经被识别且可用,点击done,完成! 然后我们进入PMDG 777 FMC,前提是你的FMC准备工作都已做好,进入Legs页面,点击wind data request,航路高空天气就载入进去啦!不信可以点开右边的wind试试看,如下图 大功告成!是不是很方便,比AS2012复制粘贴新建文本文档另存为wx文件然后导入方便许多! 如果你还有问题,请跟帖提出~
  13. 下载 ZSSH.txt 文件,然后将其放入Microsoft Flight Simulator X/PMDG/SIDSTARS文件即可。 请注意,需要配合NAIP导航数据使用。 ZSSH.txt
  14. 前段时间Goldstar Textures,一个澳洲的哥们做的几个精美的涂装,这里想与大家分享一下。 国航蓝色 - B2059 下载:air_china_blue_b2060_pmdg77l_by_goldstar_textures.zip 来源:http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=180442 国航红色 - B2060 下载:air_china_red_b2060_pmdg_77l_by_goldstar_textures.zip 原链:http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=180441 南航凯美瑞 - B2051 下载:china_southern_toyota_b-2051_pmdg777_goldstar_textures.zip 原链:http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=180699
  15. Aircraft: PMDG777-200LR Livery: Boeing 777-200LR Emirates A6-EWG by Alax Farmer Other: REX Essential Plus Overdrive SP2 + OpusFSX + FSWC 3.15
  16. FSDT发布了GSX1.8更新,加入了新的服务车,通用的货物装卸车和FMC Commmander 30i。 新的货物装卸车最高可到5.558米,当货舱门高于3.4米时将会自动激活。GSX已提供以下四种机型机身左侧主货舱的设置。 PMDG 777F PMDG MD-11F PMDG 747-400F Qualitywings 752F 默认CS-727F(100和200)的设置也已经修改,可以从主货舱装卸,但是将仍使用标准的FMC Commander 15i。 如果你下载和创建个新的配置机型文件,GSX建议大家使用GSX的utility中的“Reset”进行重置,这样新的默认配置将在GSX中激活使用。 重要提醒: 安装此新版本 1)当得到提示需要更新时,进行更新,或者使用“Check Live Update”进行更新测试。 2)下载和安装GSX配置车辆更新,在GSX的网页上,如以下链接: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/gsx-vehicles3 (new vehicles released after Jun 2013) http://www.fsdreamteam.com/gsx-vehicles2 (new vehicles released after May 2012) http://www.fsdreamteam.com/gsx-vehicles (new vehicles released after Feb 2012) 根据你自己的GSX版本进行选择安装。 或者 1)安装完整安装包,GSX主页上的完整安装包已经升级到了1.8版本了。 对于所有GSX用户,这个更新是完全免费的。 两张PMDG777F的截图
  17. 这个周末我们将为PMDG777得发布特别举行一个庆祝飞行活动,由北京飞往广州,这条3个多小时的航线现实中也有777机型执行,欢迎PMDG777的启动用户们前来加入我们的庆祝,以及专业热情的ATC服务。当然,不论机型,每一个机组也都能体验到同样的服务 时间 2013年9月7日 北京时间 19:00-23:00 UTC 11:00-15:00 航路 RENOB G212 KR B458 WXI A461 LJG R473 BEMAG V5 ATAGA 高度层: C1: 110(116/104) C2: 98(104/92) D: 110(116/104) 航图 在VATPRC下载 VATPRC有你,更精彩 You Make the Difference!
  18. 想提醒一下大家,如果你们想合购PMDG的任何产品(比如说777),是不允许的。根据PMDG Software License协议,一个copy只能一个人用。 如果继续读你会看到如果同一个序号在两个地方上网上了线,那个序列号会被没收。
  19. 如果你在过去的几年都在持续的关注PMDG的发展,你应该记得一个由尼克科利特制作的关于PMDG 737NGX的视频在它即将发布之际。 在现在,PMDG 777即将发售之时,尼克科利特又为大家制作了长达一个半小时关于PMDG 777的高清视频,分享了他的想法。 视频已经转至优酷 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjAzNTUzMzky.html
  20. 在之前放出一系列PMDG 777X外部模型和一些涂装截图后,过了许久,终于PMDG又放出些新的内部截图! 更详细信息请查看这里。
  21. 不需多说,大家快去下单吧!
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