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Sam Chen

ES/VRC 全国扇区更新至 V3.0 NAIP1404+AIRAC1409

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ES 全国扇区已经更新至V3.0,请大家到主页下载去自行下载,扇区仍然以管制包形式发布。


本次更新变动比较大,主要是将NAIP1404和AIRAC1409导航数据整合到一起,目的是尽可能满足管制国内外机组的需求。 由于是首次尝试这样的整合,可能会有错误,请大家再使用中将发现的问题跟帖提出。









There are significant changes on navigation data in this update. It’s a combination of NAIP1404 and AIRAC1409. NAIP1404 covers all unpublished data while AIRAC1409 reflects the latest changes. For details see below update list:




1.    导航数据/ Navigation Circle NAIP1404 + AIRAC1409


2.    增加所有放行席位以及对应的通信频道/Add all delivery position and corresponding AG channels.


3.    增加宁波进近席位及对应通信频道,但无宁波进近管制扇空域,因公开资料无此信息/Add Ningbo APP position and corresponding AG channel. However, there’s no definition of this APP sector due to lack of data.


4.    调整首都机场,虹桥机场配色/Adjust color settings for Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Int’l Airport.


5.    更新南京机场地面扇为双跑道/Nanjing Lukou Airport updated to include dual runways as in real aviation.


6.    修正浦东机场滑行道标识/Correct taxiway designators for Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport


7.    更新深圳宝安机场地面扇新航站楼/Update Shenzhen Baoan Int’l Airport to reflect newly built terminal complex.


8.    增加港澳机场地面扇,包括赤腊角,启德和澳门国际机场/Add ground sectors for HongKong Int’l Airport, Kai Tai Int’l Airport and Macau Int’l Airport.


9.    修正AG语音文件中的频率和呼号错误/Correct errors in AG communication files


10. 修正其他累计错误/Accumulated correction of errors in previous version.   


11. 增加由 Zheng Chen 开发的 “CTR” 标牌/ Add “CTR” data tag developed by Zheng Chen


















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