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Lingzhi Zhou

NOTAM for Worldflight 2018 crews - Welcome to China!

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Hello worldflight crews!


Welcome to China airspace!

To bring you the best experience in flying in China airspace, we strongly recommend you to read the following tips that we prepared for you:




1. first thing first, think metric

You have entered metric RVSM airspace,
Please check metric RVSM FLAS conversion chart on http://www.vatprc.net/index.php/en-chinese-rvsm
2. expect hearing radio chatter in both English and Chinese
They are both official languages of ICAO and CAAC!
3. restricted airspace
Airspace is largely restricted in China, so please make sure you file a valid route to stay out of restricted airspace.
Depending on circumstances, enroute controllers may clear you direct through these airspaces.
4. expect holding
Since WorldFlight is one of the largest events on VATSIM of the year, pilots should expect delays.
Please make sure there is extra fuel on board.
5. recommended route
If any crews would like to fly via M503 airway, you have to offset 6 miles right of track from PONEN to LELIM.
Wish you a wonderful flight with VATPRC!

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